Located more than 30 km from Buon Ma Thuot city along Highway 14, nearly 3 km past Buon Kuop Hydropower Plant, this is a majestic waterfall that nature has bestowed on Dak Lak.

As a combination of two rivers, Krong Ana river (female river) and Krong No river (male river), the two rivers blend together to form the legendary Serepok River in the Central Highlands.

In the midst of great wonders, Dray Nur has a vivid and pristine beauty and hidden legends passed through generations. The lake at the bottom of the waterfall is deeply blue, like a precious jewel lying still under the protection of the surrounding mountains. Here and there rocks are scattered among the water waves with many unique shapes. Seen from afar, Dray Nur waterfall looks like a giant wall of water, thousands of pure water strands entwined, shimmering fancifully.

From Dray Nur waterfall, visitors can wander along the trails in the primary forest to see the giant century-old trees whose roots tightly hug large rocks, or explore interesting caves.

Coming to Dray Nur, visitors can immerse themselves in nature and experience different - special services such as camping to watch the sunrise, making "rượu cần" (herbal wine drunk out of a jar through pipes) by hand, enjoying delicious specialty dishes of Central Highlands. Especially, visitors can also enjoy an excellent cup of energy coffee at Trung Nguyen E-Coffee with a beautiful waterfall view. Visitors can take part in fitness and spiritual healing tours with energetic activities: cycling on a poetic road with green coffee gardens stretching, canyoning to see the fairyland beauty of the Serepok River, climbing along ancient rock slopes.


08:00: You will be picked up at Dray Nur waterfall, receive your personal protective equipment for the cycling tour: A bicycle, helmet, water. After receiving the protective equipment, the tour guide will tell you how to use the bike, explain the route, then accompany you on the journey through the forest and the vivid natural scenery.

  • On the way, you can see the villages of the Ede and Mnong ethnic peoples and learn about their cultures.
  • The next journey will take you to the farms of the local people (coffee farm, cashew farm).
  • At the stop is a miniature Dray Nur waterfall, it will be extremely interesting to enjoy the beautiful scenery while being immersed in the fresh cool water fallen down from the waterfall, like being massaged, cherished in the arms of mother nature.
  • After an interesting experience that nature has given you, you will enjoy cups of green tea and grilled sweet potatoes, prepared for you by Mnong people, and sing songs of the Central Highlands together.
  • Continue your trekking tour, explore trails under the trees of primary forests. To the top of the hill, you will have the majestic panorama view of Dray Nur waterfall - Gia Long on the legendary Serepok river.

12h00: Have lunch at Gia Long waterfall with typical Central Highlands dishes.

14h00: Continue your cycling journey to Dray Nur waterfall.

15h30: End the journey to experience the energy of cycling - trekking in the forest-mountain-waterfall, only available at Trung Nguyen Coffee Tour!


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