Gia Long Waterfall is a waterfall on the Serepok River in Dray Sap Commune, Krong Ana District, Dak Lak Province, and Dak Sor Commune in Krong K'No District, Dak Nong Province. The waterfall is located about 30 km from Buon Ma Thuot city.

Gia Long Waterfall was formed by the basalt flow of Nam Blang volcano covering sedimentary rock. Above its source, there are beautiful and colorful landscapes. The trees are fresh and green, golden sunlight shines brightly, flowers are blooming in full colors. When the water fall reaches the bottom, where there is a large lake, the water flow transforms itself into a mighty force, bubbling with life and vitality, causing a reverberating sound in the deep forest.

At Gia Long waterfall, visitors will not only be overwhelmed by the majestic and poetic beauty of the waterfall, but also enjoy the specialties of the Central Highlands in this view. At the Trung Nguyen E-coffee you can enjoy delicious cups of energy coffee next to the majestic waterfall…  There is also a love bridge for couples. Especially, visitors will be able to participate in energetic activities such as canyoning, mountain climbing to admire the beautiful scenery of the Serepok River, immersing in cool water, camping to watch the sunrise at the top of Gia Long waterfall...



09:00: You will be picked up at Dray Nur waterfall, receive your personal protective equipment for the cycling tour: A bicycle, helmet, water. After receiving the protective equipment, the tour guide will tell you how to use the bike, explain the route, then accompany you on the journey through the forest and the vivid natural scenery.

On the way, you can see the illages of the Ede and Mnong ethnic peoples and learn about their cultures.

11:30 am: You will have lunch at Gia Long waterfall.

Continue your journey to do trekking tour, explore trails under the trees of primary forests. To the top of the hill, you can see the majestic scenery of Dray Nur - Gia Long waterfall on the legendary Serepok rier.

02:00 pm: You receive the tent, and the necessary tools, set up the tent together with the guidance of the tour guide.

03:30 pm: After setting up the tent, you participate in the waterfall bathing activity, immerse yourself in the fresh and fresh water pouring out from the waterfall, as if you are being massaged and cherished in the arms of mother nature.

06:30 pm: You will gather at the campfire area:

  • Enjoy BBQ dinner with specialty grilled dishes of the Central Highlands.
  • Enjoy Rượu cần beside the flickering firelight and the waterfall; listen to the echoes of the mountains and forests of the Central Highlands.
  • You gather around the campfire, talking to each other.

09:00 pm: End of the campfire program, you will return to the tent to rest.


05:30 am: The tour guide will wake you up to start a new day, catch the sunrise, enjoy the fresh air in the mountains and forests of Gia Long.

07:00 am: You will have an energetic breakfast: enjoy the world's best iced milk coffee and a snack.

08:30 am: You will experience rafting energy tour to explore the waterfall.

  • Boating to discover the fairyland of the legendary Serepok River in the Central Highlands.
  • Experience the feeling of river bathing, massage from the water flowing from above.
  • Stop and enjoy a cup of fresh and cool green tea along with baked potatoes or corn by Dray Nur waterfall.

12:00 pm: You will have lunch at Dray Nur waterfall eco-tourism area.

02:00 pm: End of camping tour to catch sunrise on the mountain at the top of Gia Long waterfall, available at Trung Nguyen Coffee Tour only.


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