Trung Nguyen Healing Tourism Investment Ltd. is a member company of Trung Nguyen Legend Coffee Group – we therefore own experience tours specializing in coffee which is Different – Special and Unique in the market under the name Trung Nguyen Coffee Tour.

Trung Nguyen Coffee tour provides Body – Heart – Mind healing experience Coffee tours in Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Capital (Dak Lak Province) with package travel products and services in Vietnam and outside Vietnam.

Trung Nguyen Coffee Resort – an ideal place for tourists when visiting Buon Ma Thuot with a green space, typical of the Central Highlands mountains and forests right in the heart of the city.

Dray Nur - Gia Long Waterfall Ecotourism Area - the most majestic waterfalls that nature has offered to Dak Lak; where visitors can immerse themselves in the pure, untouched nature and discover their inner strengths with the unforgettable adventure tours through the jungle!

Trung Nguyen Healing is the only travel company that offers tours to experience the coffee culture at those destinations which belong to Trung Nguyen Legend Group:

  • The Coffee World Museum – ranked 6th out of 17 best things to do when coming to Vietnam by Wanderlust travel magazine (UK) and rated as “The largest, most vibrant and unique living museum” by the world-renowned AP media organization.
  • Trung Nguyen Coffee Village – The world's largest coffee shop for coffee lovers and enthusiasts in the world.
  • The journey to become a coffee expert at Trung Nguyen Legend and Trung Nguyen E-coffee space chains
  • Watching the 3 coffee culture show only in Ho Chi Minh City and Buon Ma Thuot City.
  • Trekking - Rafting tour through the forest, overcoming the most majestic and poetic waterfall in Vietnam.